Finding My Voice

As I sit here listening to Alt-J, I am contemplating what to write for my first blog post. This blog feels like it is mostly for me, but with the intention of hopefully helping others. Something that has always fascinated me is connection. Knowing I’m not alone. Not the only person with these thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The more I learned about other people, the less alone I began to feel. I’ve watched other people shamelessly own their lives and stories in total vulnerability and through that create empowerment, and amazingly through their example I’ve learned how to empower myself. Things come to us in life as we are ready. Lately “finding my voice” has been whirling around my mind like a mantra on repeat. It hasn’t let up and the time finally feels right. My intention for 2019 is to “find my voice” and this blog is the first step in that direction. I’ve always been what I would describe as a “passive” person, and because of that my voice has been stifled in attempts to make sure everyone else always feels comfortable. In doing that I’m not allowing myself to be my authentic, true self. I’ve always felt like I’m better at expressing myself and my feelings through writing, and that is where my true self resides. Writing has always made me think about exactly what I want to say and the way I want to say it. It gives me the time to think through my thoughts and to sort them out, helping me better understand myself. I love the way I can craft each and every word, weaving them together to beautifully depict my innermost world. My intention is to share with you, share in experiences, laughs, and life. Helping us all to feel a little less alone, and finding my voice while in the process. These posts probably won’t be polished, but I can promise they will be raw and I will keep it real.

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