Inspiration is a Wild Women.

Inspiration is a wild women. Long, tangled, flowing hair. Bare naked, totally free, only supporting a massive smile that is always stretched across her face. That smile is the first thing you see when she’s coming. She has the presence of a goddess, always surrounded by fireflies, birds, and forest animals. She also, has quite the sense of humor. She will skip right into you at the silliest, and most likely inconvenient of times. She visited me today while I was in the shower. Ran up to me dancing, twirling with words, spinning around my head before she briefly stopped to whisper them into my ear. She left as fast as she came, running back into the enchanted forest she came from. All the while, laughing while she seen me frantically finishing my shower, before the words she spoke to me, disappeared with her too. She comes and goes as she pleases. There is no taming her, and no use trying. You can’t lasso her in, in an attempt to hang onto her. That will only scare her away. She can not be controlled, because her very nature is free. When she shows up, I embrace her. We hug like dear friends, we dance, sharing and exchanging energy, and then she slips away, leaving me behind, in a heavy fog of euphoria every time. I quite like her unpredictability, it keeps my life exciting. Sometimes she shows up right as I am about to fall asleep. If I ignore her and tell her to come back the next morning, she will take the gifts she brought for me from the forest and give them to someone more willing to receive them in that moment. That’s only fair. She is in fact, a wild women who is unbound by the tangles of humanity. She works with you, if you work with her. A sacred contract lies between the two of you. Your job is to uphold your end of the deal whenever possible. Sometimes you will lose sleep or miss meals (like I am right now). It is always worth it giving her your undivided attention because her presence is an unmatched magic all its own. This is how Inspiration lives within my imagination. She might look completely different to you, and come in a distinctly different form, maybe she is a he. That’s the magnificently beautiful part, Inspiration is quite the brilliant shape shifter that one.